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released December 17, 2010



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Track Name: You Make It Real (Prod. by sDot)
romenC (Verse 1)
I hum with this, up and under this
to show everyone that I'm just lovin
The love is almost as real as it
moves towards labeling us as lyricists
But we move towards people who was feeling this
making me believe in what we callin miracles
and still love
(You make it real for me)
As long as you promise to touch the sky
I testify, and always confess to my
Ability to speak with fire
I'm not strong
but I strongly believe in my listeners now
So I take this time, to devise a rhyme
And show love for my peeps in each and every line that
(You make it real for me)
Take em home baby

When I'm not sure of
My priorities
When I've lost sight of
Where I'm meant to be
Like holy water
Washing over me
You make it real for me

T (Verse 2)
You so real, for real, love the life style
step one come and get with the right crowd
Baby girl lookin right with the nice smile
heels on, lip gloss, eyes light brown
Gotta get it, gotta get it, like right now
Step to bedroom, turn the lights down
(You make it real for me)
Nah I'm just plain
Cause you the "mama didn't raise no fool" type
and I'm the bomb, and my love so dynamite
And you the princess, if the shoe fit right
and I'm the beast, see the wings when I take flight
And we can take it to the sky if it feel right
finish her in one bite, no Twilight

When I'm not sure of
My priorities
When I've lost sight of
Where I'm meant to be
Like holy water
Washing over me
You make it real for me

sDot (Verse 3)
It's a struggle day to day, tryna make that daily pay
that nine to five I wanna quit, but I really can't complain
Cause the ways of the world revolve around the wage
and though it's nice to have dough, I'm nicer on a page
And it's not an escape from the problems we face
but the way y'all hold me up, I can't even explain
(You make it real for me)
Ya make it real for me
I'm reaching for the top, like where the greats stand
be as strong as my Pops, and be a great man
Keep them bonds on lock, stay close with the fam
then watch us drop hit like no one else can
So bob to the beat, in the heat we stay cool
And go with the "Flow" like the first syllable
In the name
it's "Flow"Ethics

When I'm not sure of
My priorities
When I've lost sight of
Where I'm meant to be
Like holy water
Washing over me
You make it real for me

And I'm running to you baby
Cause you are the only one who saved me
That's why I've been missing you lately
Cause you make it real for me

You make it real for me
Track Name: Back From The Start
Verse 1
Now people say it's amazin' when they peep the flow/
We got the beats and arrangements that'll keep your soul/
I got that same feelin' about a week ago/
I seen you, same reason I can't see you go/
Cause even tho I'm not the type to let my feelings show/
What we had in the past was something meaningful/
Can we start again? Would you let me know?/
Cause I'm a different man, let's see where things will go/
You're looking good as ever, and I wonder how/
Ms. Fat Booty ain't show up till now/
Did cupid switch to bullets? As stupid as it sounds/
She hit harder than an arrow, click click *blau*/
And right now is the best place to be/
I'm going crazy, a head case, for she/
Got me all red face, low key/
When she told me, "Sam, can't you hold me down?"/

Baby, I haven't seen you in so long/
I need to catch up and see you/
Where did we go wrong?/
And all this time, I thought that you forgot
who broke who's heart/
But I guess it makes more sense if we just
Go back from the start/

Let’s take a second, reminisce what we’ve done
It’s been, more than a minute, so lets start with the fun.
Your personality is banging like its playing the drums
No TV show we got a real chance at this love.
I’m excited that we waiting and not jumping the fence
Keep our business on the low and not gossiping with your friends
baby you’re so dreamy but I don’t feel a bit sleepy
The Good kind of love is a hardworking freebee
Hold me close ‘til I feel the heartbeat of your breath
Press you tight until your body screams impressed.
Amazed doesn’t begin to explain how im lost
I never thought a person like you existed at all.
You’re artistic for sure // ballistic but calm//
Persistent from a distance, without assistance at all/
Pictures don’t pull me in but your image was drawn/
Baby keep me close until you can’t open no more.

Baby, I haven't seen you in so long/
I need to catch up and see you/
Where did we go wrong?/
And all this time, I thought that you forgot
who broke who's heart/
But I guess it makes more sense if we just
Go back from the start/

Hey lady when I say you the first night/
I found out what it really meant to love life/
Now lemme show you what a view from above like/
And we can move real move in the moon light/
Yeah, and imma hit you on the cell phone/
And let you know I don't roam in the "friend zone"/
I love the style, but don't get me wrong/
I want your heart before we start in the bedroom/
See, I ain't really fellin' them fast girls/
The "get money cause you all about the cash" girls/
I'll put a smile on you, show you how to laugh girl/
Play your cards right, you might be my last girl/
But I'm a fool for a nice body,
innocent kiss, touch, little bit naughty/
And imma give it to ya till your legs get wobbly/
So are we more than friends? Probably/

Baby, I haven't seen you in so long/
I need to catch up and see you/
Where did we go wrong?/
And all this time, I thought that you forgot
who broke who's heart/
But I guess it makes more sense if we just
Go back from the start/
Track Name: FlowEthics x Mikey Manifest - Not This Lifetime feat. Mikey Manifest
*Verse 1 (RomenC):

Whattup prettiness back on your envious
shit that I see I aint like the other fellas
girls you make ‘em jealous
I aint going bananas but I’m acting like a chimpanzee
So I, wanted to introduce the first of many clues
Flaws of many dudes, mastered by the cool type of guy who is standing right in front of you
Anyway, we unlocking the door. Yeah, we talking of course
Take your hand off of ya chin what you ponderin’ for?
Yeah, I’m spilling honesty something not fond of me
But you look confused like im giving you anomalies
We getting outta here, POOF like some magics here
Like we shooting from the inside of a hoop.
Im selling off like an ebay kid and tryin’ that don’t do it type cliché shit
Like: Are you from Tennessee ? cause you the ten I see
Are you a traffic ticket? Cause you have fine all over
Cause I would sign all over you, would it be a sign?
Or maybe that I noticed you!

*Hook (Zanna)

You say you ain't like the other guys
You say you're cool, chillaxin, fly
I think you got nothing on this
Not enough for another diss
I heard all that script before
Been rehearsed played out, everything and more
I ain't giving you a sign, a chance
Nothing in this lifetime

*Verse 2 (sDot)

I can't be caught fallin' for this girl
If my lady caught us, she'd be pissed, girl
Why you getting heated, cool off like some mist-ers
Don't be stuck up, and just take a risk girl
Me and you could get it poplin like some blisters
(Was that a bad line?) you get the picture
What you waiting for, an A-lister?
A superstar, rockstar, vegan hipster?
Lets take a walk to the store round the corner
Get whatever you like, but nothing over 5 dollars
Don't be shy miss, put your head on my shoulder
I'm just a Pilgrim searching for Ramona
Why you shaking your head, you need to focus
Do I have a girl? Why you bringing up old shit

*Hook (Zanna)

*Verse 3 (T)

Now why you wanna front, actin all stuck up
When everybody watchin you?
But I like a challenge, I've been eyein you down
Now lemme spit some game at you (Let's go, Let's go)
You pretty long legs with a backside
Only concerned with cash and the stack size
Please, little mama only in it for the check
Make a playa feel like he only payin for the sex
No love with ya nose in the air
You gold diggin girls don't come around here
Yeah I know your type, yeah I know who you are
You rollin in a benz, parents payin for the car
You walkin with your friends all down the boulevard
But if your attitudes dull, you can't hang with a star
See I'm the type to provide
So, are you ride or die? Prolly not. BYE!

*Hook (Zanna)

*Verse 4 (Mikey Manifest)

im a genuine dude that thinks your mighty fine
i wanna feed you a cooked meal with a side of wine
i aint no rich boy emcee but actually
manifest had mad swag when they called it personality
why you coming here looking all pretty
but you open up your mouth and your attitude shitty
damn girl, its a shame that we cant make up
you tryna cover up your face or personality you make up?
false advertisements, you really otta pay me
wasnt searchin for a bitch, i was searchin for a lady
talk mad shit cuz her loui aint laced up
shut yo box to left replace you ass face up
got yo finger in my face cuz you offered to pay the meal
and i played along to see if you actually real deal
now you mad cuz you got caught faking the funk
brush yo teeth little mama breathe smell like skunk peace!

*Hook (Zanna)
Track Name: Stay (Just a Little Bit)
Now I see you eyeing me across the way/
When I glance back, you act like you looking away/
And it's cute ma I'm hooked by the look in your face/
Got all the fellas shook when the tush starts to shake/
I ain't mean to disrespect like that/
But can I just say you got a nice back/
And you also got a really nice front/
But most of all Brains that make a nerd want to stunt/
So you know I had to hit her with the steez/
Tryna make her heart melt, so I hit her with the cheese/
Then my mind goes blank, I'll just free somethin/
"Girl you kinda sweet, can you be my capri sun"/
I mean, can you be my main squeeze?/
Body so cold, that you make a brain freeze/
Like uh….what was I gonna say?/
I forgot, I just know I want you to stay/

Zanna (Hook):
Can you stay?
Just a little bit longer
Just a little bit longer
Just a little bit longer
Just a little bit

The truly magnificent, super proper gentlemen/
Tell you my lady that you looking like some letterin/
U (You) R (Are) A (a) Q (Cu) T (Tie)/
I really think you missin from the alphabet/
If you feelin out of it, I'm here to take you out a bit/
Take you on a candle lit dinner with some ambiance/
Way above the classes, you ain't fuckin with the average/
I treat you like a trophy ma, I'm feelin like a champion/
Throwin punchlines and I'm landin em/
Are you understandin em, the way I'm understandin you/
Got a little attitude, save that for later cause I'm gonna take it outta you/
Won't tell you how to do, but I'll tell you what you outta do/
Remarkable, and above the honor roll/
I'll play the lion, and you can play the antelope/
I'll play the zombie, and you can be the antidote/
Really doesn't matter, cause I'll eat you like some cantaloupe (hay)/

Zanna (Hook)

Little mama so bad, and excuse me if I brag/
But girl you not a ten, you a ten and a half/
When I'm ridin, see you shinin through the tint in my glass/
Plus your but looking good, make it temptin to grab/
Not feeling the swag, need incentive perhaps/
But let me start by saying I'm the best you'll ever have/
And no it ain't a fad, sure as hell ain't a Drake song/
But I can make you say, "AHH", no Trey Songs/
No shame ma, I'm here to get my game on/
Lookin for an all-star, but girl I got my J's on/
Lookin for some love, but you can call me faizon/
No more drama we can get our Mary J. on/
Yeah, and you might have had a long day/
So we can move it to the bed from the hallway/
Thinkin you should leave, but it's not what your body say/
I can find some ways to make you stay, a little bit longer/
Track Name: CandyBars
And my verses dig deeper than a sideways V

A greater sign like an arrow navigating to the heart

Im a penman send em vengeance my troops they stand attendant

reciting my medicines while I listen on my back

and lay there with patience with a look of a god.

They looking from some bushes aint looking to talk

Of course, how obvious, they stand and give looks that are retarded

I’m modest but a promise isn’t stopping this

My words is so demolishing hitting every corner of metropolis

Superman conquered I will topple him

incredible leader with a trait of many congressmen

gaining momentum feet high like an ottoman

I got it man golden skill style is the promise land

Im spitting out the chest verses like im vomiting

Bible type flow writing chapters poems and parliaments

water infected with the thoughts that I be pondering

Honor roll student never foolish to assume that I never need improvement

And never live clueless
I said what is victory if life is nothing to it. mothefucker

When I start rapping, involve a little passion, put a little swag
and attract em like magnets// people gather ‘round they expecting me to dazzle//
tell my homeboys that we chillen in a castle// soon, now we zooming with, cool, opportunities//
moving all fast, like, “dude are we doing this?”// looking like some lunatics, yeah its that nelly shit// hungry for some love, yeah on some belly shit// the feeling on stage so old it’ll never get// attention is what we’re looking for go ahead surrender it// hand-cuff, hand-pumps, fuck it put ya hands-up// ill model it zoo is like Hansel// save you in distress something like a damsel// get yourself a pancho flow is like a congo// rhymes is so costco you could get a sample mannnnnnn……………


I just be writing and perfecting my craft

No beats, im talking headaches that be bumping on blast

Im on my way to the top, im spinning it

Something like a childhood toy that was invented

Im playing it, til the wheel fall off, and when it does

My foot’ll be right there, planted with my Flintstone socks

I got my mind made up, will up, and put the weight up

Lean to the dark side forces im in vader In ya area

a virus in the sky like malaria

The barrier is magic, the verse is serving madness

microphone enhancing words that im pronouncing

Give it to them hard , raw is how we sounding


Ill stay a litter closer you could sense it gets better

No surrender the venom is running thru my cerebellum

rhyming clearing stated and striving to make a name with

My Metaphors is naked, but few will get its placement

Ive arranged it, many dinner dates, the faces seem fade in

Ill try and push it thru ya chest, then ill watch it cave in

They fighting when they caged in, looking like some cavemen

Connecting on music tip, now watch my Q vibrant

Now silence on the set, ill be honest and I promise

That Im modest while im spitting the greatest part of my talents

My balance never lost, a challenge never tossed,

Moving on some leadership swagger like a boss

Soulful at the heart and a rapper with the arts

It’s the captain that is crunching every berry from start


In a paragraph im spitting like a baby came out

Get my army on, make a bunch rappers stand down

Hit 3 or more sides like a polygon, I Make em cry on-i-ons

Verse a little hungry, bout to get my lil tummy on

Burp…….excuse me im first,

poison in my raps like a mummy got cursed